Starforce releases StarForce FrontLine 5.0

I just posted the article Starforce releases StarForce FrontLine 5.0.

StarForce Technologies, which specialises in copy protection has released StarForce FrontLine version 5.0, which it describes as an evolution in copy protection. This version features which it…

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I find it even more convenient to Google a game prior to buying it, to see if it “offer the convenience” of StaForce Technology. If it does, I do not purchase the game and buy something else that will not help support these cancers. “StarForce has also recently been certified for Microsoft Windows Vista.” crickets
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Hopefully the Vista certification means this copy protection will be less malware/virus like.

SF havent changed the way it checks the disc, so if it “broke” drives in the past, it will do again in the future with this version. Remember, the problem is not the code (for drives, not for windows stability (not vista)), the problem is the check it does. SF checks in four phases, second to fourth reading sectors forwards and backwards so quickly (in each range), so drives stresses a lot with that. Cds

just avoid game/software with star force… Star f*** is a pain in the ass… :frowning:

@ john Nice pottymouth, John. Do you kiss your mother with it? :r