Starforce protection on Heroes of Might and Magic IV

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One of the things that comes up once in a while on our site is the copy protection Star-Force. This protection seems to be made in Russia and is for as far as we know uncopyable. Several software…

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Well seeing as i dont live in Russia this protection will not effect me :d

Well that’s kinda funny I guess. I have a burned copy right here. Seems to work fine. 'Course it’s a legal backup, so maybe the copy protection is smart and knows I paid for it.

Hey!! Warped If it’s seen to work in russia then software companies will be falling over themselves to get it…:7

hmm… strange for a uncopyable game it’s amazing that there are cracks for it and my “legal” back-up seems to work sonnlandia is right the copy-protecion must “know” that it is a backup.(or at least think it is;) )

um sorry vinnlandia