Starforce not sued yet

man i don’t know how they managed to make a profit out of this protection when it violets all consumer doctrines. From wat i gather there will be no way of beating this even via emulation at least not until late next year. I say we should hold a petition about how much this starforce sucks i mean even installing (game that has starforce) it is long. I haven’t heard any major company like alochol or even blindwrite even commenting about an successful way of emulating starforce maybe they won’t?

At the moment, VSO are working on a solution.

I gotta admit StarForce is a bastard, but holding a petition is rather pointless as they wont listen to us anyway.


u say VSo have solution but they haven’t yet impletemented it in their beta i htnk they r way off development for finding a solution hasn’t really started yet as other things r holding back blacklisting etc