Starforce Nightmare Problem

I’ve got a problem,

I used starforce nightmare quite a while ago to disable my cd/dvd drives, and I just left it that way for a couple months. I don’t use my drives often so it wasn’t much of a trouble, until recently I wanted to use my dvd drive again.

My drives are always not shown on “my computer”, and I tried to use starforce nightmare to enable my drives back. I would press “enable ch2” then “enable node”. My drives do show back up, but I’ve experienced a slower reading time from the drive. (If I play a movie, it would be really choppy, and it’s not the DVD’s fault). Also, after I restart my computer, the drives would disappear again!

Any help is appericated, thanks.

I know this problem, I know also the solution…

but i’m dutch, maybe I can’t explain it very good, but I try :wink:

Go to one of your harddisk, right mouseclick. Then click “Properties” (or something like that;))

Then on the tab “Hardware”
Then you see a list of all your drivers…click at one of them who’s dissapeared. Click “Properties” (beside problem solves)
There you can choose if you want to eliminate or integrate the driver…

I hope you understand it a little bit :wink:

I kind of get what you are saying, but I don’t understand what to do. First I presume I would activate the drives back with starforce nightmare? Can you elaborate a bit more on “eliminate or integrate the driver”


when you do everything I say…You see a window, there you see: Eliminate driver or Integrate driver, you can choose what you want.

In dutch: Inschakelen of Uitschakelen.

I can kind of guess what you are saying, but should I uninstall the driver, or upgrade it? (that should be the 2 buttons you are talking about)