Starforce Nightmare not working after computer upgrade


I’m hoping someone can help me here. I have used Starforce Nightmare to play a game, and it has worked very well. However, this past week, I upgraded my motherboard and cpu to an ASRock 939 Dual-SATA2 and Athlon64 3000+
939pin. Starforce Nightmare doesn’t do anything anymore after the upgrade.
I believe I have the latest version of SFN (ver 1.12), but I could be wrong. I was hoping perhaps there is a new version?

On my old motherboard and cpu (FIC AD11 and AthlonXP 1700+), Starforce Nightmare worked perfectly. I would click on Disable CD and Disable Node, there would be a pause with each one, and everything was fine. With the new motherboard and cpu, there is no pause. It just looks like everything worked, but it doesn’t. I exit out of Starforce Nightmare, and my CD/DVD-ROM drives are still activated.

Anyone have a similar experience? I’m hoping there is a solution to this problem.

Thank you so much for your help,
Aly in NY

just wanted to confirm after checking, that I do have the latest version of Starforce Nightmare…version 1.12.

Also, is there perhaps a setting in my new motherboard’s BIOS that could be causing Starforce Nightmare not to function properly? Something I could change in the BIOS?
I have the latest BIOS version installed already, so that’s taken care of.

Thanks for any help,

Unfortunatelly, SFN does not work everywhere. This is a particular case where ur motherboard is changed. Maybe it is using a nforce chipset, so then, SFN will not work anymore.

SFN 1.12 is latest version, and will not be a newer one at the moment. Team is working with DT, so wait to DT4. What a bad luck!


I’m experiencing your same problem too: Starforce Nightmare doesn’t work on my Asrock 939 dual SATA (it did on my old MB).
I don’t think there’re BIOS settings that could get SF Nightmare working, but i’ve disabled Secondary IDE channel from BIOS to disable optical DVD-ROM and Trackmania Sunrise works fine mounting image on DT4 with RMPS emulation on
(this trick did’t work on my old ASUS MB).
I’m now going to try other SF3 protected games, and I think i’ll get them to work.

Roby from ROME.

look in “system/device manager” find your “ide/atapi controller”.
if it includes one controller at all - you have installerd “nvidia ide sw” driver - try to uninstall it from “add/remove programs”.
if it includes one “ide/atapi controller” and many primary/secondary channels - find channel pair (primary and secondary) that have your cd/dvd burner connected i mean not s-ata controller. and then uninstall driver for both them. reboot and try sfnightmare :wink: