StarForce NightMare [need fast help please]

I need very fast help please somebody help me!

So… I used this StarForce NightMare and now I cant use my DVD writer. I clicked (to play with SC:CT :rolleyes: )

Disable NODE Disable CD Disable NODE Disable Secondary Master

now my drive (LG GSA 4120B) doesnt works, but I clicked

Enable NODE Enable CD* Enable NODE Enable Secondary Master

I rebooted my system, the DVD drive icon is now appeared and if I click on that in TotalCMD the drive is blinking like usually, but it says No drive…etc… so that shit is blocking it now… but I dont know why… I have run the Starforce drivers removal tool, but nothing, ow my God its really a NightMare like the name of that stupid program :sad: :sad: