~STARFORCE nightmare is very dangerous~

sfnightmare and that star!@#$ can cause all the drives connected to IDE to disappeared forever should the pc restart while the drives were being soft-disable, is that correct?

is there any known way of getting them back should they have disappeared?

don’t get me wrong, i’m not using any of these tools, it’s just that i’ve been seeing alot of ppl posting about their disappeared drive and asking for a way to fix it, in the end there’s really no effective way of getting the drives back other than placing the windows cd in the drive and hope it boots and format the hd, even so some reported that their drives don’t read disc correctly or malfunction, yet i still see more and more ppl downloading these tools, using them and ended up like al those that have come before them, i’ve been trying really hard to get everyone i know to stop using it but they never listens, luckily though they didn’t lose their drives yet, but it’s just a matter of time before they do.

i want to help, would you please be so kind as to suggest some ways of fixing this evergrowing problem, any help or info would be greatly appreciate, i just want to spread the word to everyone and get them to stop using it, and help those who have already suffered from sfnightmare, please post anyting you know about how to fix this, many thanks.

If your optical devices dissapear, you have to delete the high and low filters for the device in question, in the system registry (or so I have read). Mucking around in the system registry is a dangerous business, as it can cripple a system, so if you attempt this, do your homework on backing up and how to restore the system registry. I would also recommend backing up any important data before attempting such a fix.

but will there be any physical or perma damage to the motherboard ide?

please suggest more ways that can fix this problem, many thanks

I have only heard rumors of physical damage, I have never read a direct report or heard of any reports that can concretely prove starforce can cause hardware to die. I am not saying it hasn’t happend, just that I have never seen any information that definitively links starforce with hardware damage.

I believe there is a tool that can help with removing/fixing the upper and lower filters of IDE optical drives in the system registry, but I am not sure where to find it. Google is your best bet. I think I read something about fixing it in PCGamer once… Short of a system reformat/reinstallation of windows, I do not know of any other way. The good news is, I highly doubt any physical or perminant damage was done to your hardware. You have just been left with a royal pain the (you-know-what).