Starforce Nightmare causes hardware damage?

Forgive me if this is in any way against the rules, I can’t be sure.

Anyway, the readme for Starforce Nightmare states that it may be incompatible with some devices and can cause hardware damage. Is this true? I used it without much issue previously with a Liteon DVD-ROM and a Yamaha CRW3200E CD-RW, but I don’t wanna risk anything happening to my new DW1640. Does anyone have any info for me on this? Thanks. :wink:

This is bullshit. :slight_smile: SF3 drivers can make real problems, but not SFNightmare. You can damage your CD only if you plug 4 pin power connector in wrong way or try to read CD-disk with cracks at full speed so it blows in your drive and damage it.

If afriad of something and not sure, or not advanced gamer, just don’t use SFN. :wink:

Well alright then, I guess I can continue using it. :slight_smile:

donnu on hardware, but SFN could damage your software its for sure, especialy in combination with SF

Somtimes I ahve found StarForce Nightmare/StarFck can cause problems with the drives, often it is hard to get them working again after you have disabled them, with StarFck it took many tries and a few restarts to get them back working.

Dont think it causes any kind of perminant damage to the hardware however.

Ben :slight_smile:

StarForce Nightmare hasn’t caused any problems for me. To get drives working again you often just have to click the buttons in a certain order. So if they don’t come back right away just play around with it.

Well the only ones I use are Disable Node and Disable CH2 and I always enable them back in reverse order which worked for me previously.

Please see the image below to re-enable your optical drives in Windows (XP),
after running SF Nightmare.
It seems to be a bit buggy right now, and although i have had great success running ISO , MDS images of SF games with it, It does tend to sometimes crash my PC.

Here’s a guide as to how to get your drive(s) back…

Click Start (on the desktop) and select the control panel,
Double click System (you may have to scroll down to the bottom of the Cntl panel window) and select Hardware <Tab> and Device Manager <Tab>,
Expand (click on the + symbol) next to the DVD/CD Rom Drives and if any have little red crosses next to them (Disabled), Right click to bring up a sub menu and highlight and left click “Enable”.
Should bring back your devices within windows…

Hope this helps u out!!!

Baron210 (UK)

Heh. And people download a PROGRAM to do this? LOL.

@Gurm, What do you mean? :confused:

Am I interpreting you wrong … but are you saying that CloneCD can copy StarForce (you’re a CloneCD veteran)? Or where you talking about causing the hardware damage?

I mean, you people run a special program to disable your CD drive? Device manager will happily do that for you. :slight_smile:

And I have NO idea how I got to be a “CloneCD Veteran”, might be that all my early posts here were related to that (years back)? I dunno. I’m just guessing. LOL.