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Authorized Backup Copying is Made Easier by StarForce Technologies

M3/Replitech conference, AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands - July 1, 2002 - During the technical session “Advanced Topics in Digital Content Delivery”, StarForce Technologies, a provider of copy protection systems for software distributed on CD-ROM/CD-Rs, announced a technical solution for legal backup copying issues for users who wish to make a backup copy of their purchased software.

The StarForce Backup System distinguishes between a legal and an illegal user and can provide the legal user with an opportunity to make a back-up copy of software that has been copy protected. The system was designed to provide backup capability for applications protected by StarForce Professional and CD-R copy protection systems. It ties an application to a user’s computer and allows running a protected application without the original protected CD identification procedure. A user does not have to use the original protected CD to run the application, only a copy of the CD in the CD-drive. But if a motherboard or CPU is replaced, a user will have to use the original protected CD to run the application again.

Not all users want to make a backup copy and that’s probably why some protection technologies providers decided to take away that right since they don’t have an effective mechanism in place to track the number of copies made by a user.

Making a back-up copy using the StarForce Backup System is possible by contacting a technical support specialist from the vendor or publisher of the software. Only a designated specialist can track or authorize the number of copies made by a user and check the CD identity. A publisher, a manufacturer, or any provider of technical support can identify a CD by a CD key number, store receipt and any other purchase related ID (such as it may be a special mark or sticker on a CD container) and provide a legal user with a backup code for software backup copying. The number of copies can be limited from one to any amount selected by a publisher or manufacturer. Limiting the copies makes a user keep the original CD in case of computer modification.

StarForce Technologies is working hard to protect manufacturers’ and publishers’ rights but are also aiming to increase customer satisfaction. In all fairness, there should be a way to make one backup copy for each legally owned CD. Technical means are provided by StarForce Technologies and now it is the time for publishers and manufacturers to make the final ‘rightful’ decision. …StarForce Technologies profile

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A copy protection system that allow copies? LOL, I thought SafeDisk and Securom were already at the top of this market :slight_smile:

Star Force I believe in MY THOUGHTS…is similar to Windows XP…what Windows XP does is a on-line activation…you have 30 days to on-line activate XP or it will freeze up your system. And only one copy can be on-line activated once since when its activated it sends your computers hardware profile to Microsoft. if you were to update your computer computers hardware apporoxmatietly three times XP would think its on a new computer from the new hardware and could freeze up your system. XP gives data to Microsoft back and fourth. And if XP isn’t registered the 50 time you start up your computer it will freeze up. What I believe StarForce is it gets information about your CPU and motherboard sends em back to the server with unqiue ID of the CD could be possibly Serial Key being sent if used. And will talk back with the game to allow activation of the game similar to what I desribed about XP. Lets be honest any security can be beaten with the right knoweldge skills (some times requiring talent),hardwork (if requires any),time given,and programmers,hardware,software. You don’t think some people will write a program to stop this? If StarForce is anything the good is XP has been beaten you just can’t download the soon to be XP PLUS free upgrade at Microsofts website if not store bought cause it will check for regstration. But guys don’t think just because I was the first to speak I am right. I would like to believe Im right but I might not be. Lets wait and see.Good news is USA I feel doesn’t know alot about Anti-piracy and anti-copys software as Europe and Australia does. I myself am from the USA and in case you wonder who I am im 19.