Starforce launches new universal software protection platform



I just posted the article Starforce launches new universal software protection platform.

Some of you have a lot of respect for them because they have such a hard copy protection, others hate them for it. However Star-Force is currently known as one of the companies that…

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Wonder what part of windows this will screw up or what hardware incompatability will they create this time? {judging by past performance} SF is well on the way to being cracked, 1 title IKO already cracked.


They’ve already had to recall one title because of their anti-copy measure’s. maybe they’ll create more problems than good. I know with me I can’t use usb devices if this is installed, no mouse, no keyboard, no usb hard drives, none.


They are installing hidden drivers into my Windows. I hate hidden drivers running on my PC. Therefore I won’t buy any game that uses starforce, period.


> They are installing hidden drivers into my Windows. < As does SafeDisc, SecuRom and all the others as well. > I hate hidden drivers running on my PC. < Who doesn’t? > Therefore I won’t buy any game that uses starforce, period.< Following your argumentation you shouldn’t buy any game that uses protection, period.


The great man speaks


exactly. thanks for pointing the obvious:S


So how long until the French ban this?


You gotta admit thar StarForce is extremely effective if not in preventing unauthorized copying then in delaying the release of game cracks. The latest example is PC version of ‘Splinter Cell’ - it’s been released for almost a month and so far there is no crack for it. And if there is a crack for a StarForce protected game it is usually a result of game publisher releasing an unprotected game or group getting a hold of beta version executable. Cannot say that I like it but I’m definitely impressed by StarForce.


Yet but when you are in the possition where one of your drives do not work with the ‘new’ copyprotections and your DVD burner is blacklisted you find that copyprotection do not make you buy games.


Securom ,Safedisc drivers are not present in memory all the time cause you don’t have to reboot pc ,with starforce you have to so these silly drivers (including all the hardware trouble) are continue loaded in youre windows. this is not acceptable for me .


stand together morons boycott starforce products if everyone stood together on this they would be gone because companies wouldnt be selling their products you the PAYING customer have the power to get rid of this !!!


Quote>stand together morons. LOL im sure your fellow cdfreakers will like that one. You must be the BIGGEST ROFL!!!


Actually… I’d love to these “protection bi*ches” get a little quartering in their diet, much like Lawyers and bankers but thats for another day. :g Ahh… copy protection: the bane of modern day “anal digital behaviour”… The need to overly protect digital property so much so that it actually defines the customer indirectly as a criminal. So much for the right of legal backups, so much for NOT having to worry about hidden device drivers being subversively installed, so much for having to possibly even think about worrying about the CD reader you can use with the product used, so much for fast game startups or wearing out media and drive + allievating the constant CD whizzing sound… Protection schemes are needed to protect digital property but this utter trite needs to be shoved up the protection company’s arse! Its just plain damn wrong and yet another removal of the power of the consumer. Glad there’s discussion over this as more publicity the more it’ll be villified. And right it should be: its evil. Remember: A Game sells on Merit, and not how well you protect it. Even if it were dupped, a quality product gets sold regardless of hype or not.


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