Starforce is here

new starforce protection in war 2 frontline command.any chance with this being straight forward copy.i think we are all doomed doomed i tell you. no caps this time:eek:

can u post a gif of clonyxxl detecting this?
Usually Starforce are very open about any new products that use their protection (e.g. Horse Racing Manager) and I don’t see anthing on there…

yes he is right I got this title 2 days ago and clony and protection id v2.3 state it is starforce v3 as was war and peace about 4/5
months ago.will send pic asap. infact as you start up the game it even tells you that starforce protection is checking the cd!!!
have tried usual 1/2 profiles for starforce in alcohol dpm at 1x
and the ide /cdrom trick disable suggested in threads at alcohol .
guess what>>>>>>>>>>>>>no chance!!!
hope not too many more titles catch on and go for it!
securom 4.8 here we go again!!! sounds familiar?

does anyone know if highland warrior is starforce because i have tried different detctions and every one is different:confused:

it sounds like some form of custome protection. If it’s anything like haegemonia then it will have loads of bad sectors aka Safedisc. Try making an image using SD2 scheme.
As for War & Peace, I recently check the star-force driver that it installs and found that it uses v2 rather than v3…and I was able to make a backup :cool:

highland warrior does funny things .i copy it with sd2 scheme it loaded in .i went to play it it goes through 2 detections the first let me configure the controls then after that it did an original disc check it passed then when i pressed play it did an original disc check failed it wanted the original disc .then after the 6 time i pressed play it came on but it has not came on since i tried a few different cdrs but no joy :confused:

highland warrior has vob protect cd 5 if the profile is used as set out in alcohol and dpm measurement checks out ok.
(that may depend on your cd drive) an emulated burn back to cd works fine providing alcohol rmps is checked in emulation.
have run this game fine . copied ok.
ps. thats the uk version cant speak for other countries?

just got restaurant empire today guess what another starforce 3
yippee>>>>>>>>>>>>> think not!
they are coming out thick and fast perhaps games manufacturers have realised securom 4.8 is no threat now and are moving across to starforce 3?

re highland warriors

Q1 did the image work as a virtual drive (Alcohol and/or DT v3.32)??

Q2. what (if any) was the range of bad sectors??

no bad sectors / didnt try a virtual drive I will try restaurant empire out now and report back on how it responds to the virtual drive. but if its anything like frontline command starforce 3 I suspect it wont mount! back shortly!!!

i’m sure it’ll be “all hands to the deck” if the likes of EA, jowood or infogrames start publishing titles with it but for now I suspect it’s lower priority

As I suspected game installs fine from virtual drive but when you try to run it "up pops the STARFORCE is checking cd box " and after just a few seconds it states insert cd into drive!!!
If at that point you put original cd into drive game runs ok after being checked again by starforce.
Its all very familiar to the early days when I 1st started trying securom 4.8 out and thought it was just securom new that I was unable to copy??? I used the starforce profile in alcohol 1.4.3 410
and imaged at x1 it ran dpm ok and imaged fine no errors.
There is obviously some advanced check going on!!!
beyond the normal reach of dpm/rmps of alcohol.
bwa does not work with twin peaks either you do not get the same graph densities that appear with a securom 4.8 title???
Oh well we have been here before there are a lot of clever guys out there well in advance of my capabilities who I am sure in the near future will figure it out until then I will keep advising you all on further uk releases containing the new and dreaded starforce 3!!!

Originally posted by ProfessorX
If it’s anything like haegemonia then it will have loads of bad sectors aka Safedisc.

Haegemonia => Ring Protech

sorry, I was getting my games mixed up - I was thinking of the uk version of Soldiers of Anarchy (although ClonyXXl now thinks it’s “Securom 4.8x” which I think is not the case).

Originally posted by ProfessorX
sorry, I was getting my games mixed up - I was thinking of the uk version of Soldiers of Anarchy (although ClonyXXl now thinks it’s “Securom 4.8x” which I think is not the case).

No problem.

There are 2 different versions of Soldiers of Anarchy released, one has securom 4.8x whilst the other has a custom protection consisting of masses of consecutive bad sectors.

i have soldiers of anarchy and mine is sd2.8

are you sure???
my version in england is a mass of bad sectors never seen that copy protection on this program before are you absolutely sure
its safedisc as it appears to be that due to all the errors at the beginning but you will find that there is far more than a standard safedisc amount perhaps 20 > 30mb ?
by the way I found 3x major problems with copying this title
a/ it caught me out I didnt know what the protection was?
b/ it took 4hrs 45 mins to copy because if you use fast error skip option it wont copy AT ALL!!!
c/it will only work if your using windows xp and dont ask me why
but windows ME or 98 game copies wouldnt run but xp no problem???
good luck.

i copied mine with sd.2 profile and it plays just like also using xp.i had no probs at all

does clony xxl or any other cd protection identifier confirm safedisc 2? or did you just use that profile to copy with?

i just used sd.2 profile and hoped for the best and it worked.nothing came up on clony xxl .it just read in as normal on sd.2 profile.