StarForce facilitates piracy by posting warez link



I just posted the article StarForce facilitates piracy by posting warez link.

  Several people, including Savannah, Richteralan and BetrayerX all used our news submit    to tell us about another recent development with StarForce.  Apparently, Stardock...
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Golly, we thought you mean real w4r3z, not the product itself which doesn’t have serious protection. Get us all excited. Enough hating on StarForce, tell us about CD/DVD stuff.


the arrogance of starforce will kill the company.


The best part was the fact that many games that use Starforce are also on the site and cracked. Supposedly Starforce just wants to prevent sales in the first few months where the big profit is to be made. I doubt that ever happens as there is always “0-day” warez and I would guess Starforce is broken within a week all the time.


I actually bought the game (GalCiv2). I haven’t had a chance to play it much. As to to copy protection, they use an activation type method like MS products do. That is what the CD key is for and you need the key to download any updates from their web site. Also, according to the compay FAQs they don’t seem to mind if you install to more than one computer (i.e. a home desktop and your laptop) as long as you don’t get carried away. I like the company for doing this. I hate having to pop in a Play Disc when I want to play. Having said that I also like what Valve has done with Steam.


I wonder why starforce didn’t post links to the many starforce cracked/cloned games. Maybe because this will show that starforce is not so good in protecting games from being copied and its a worthless piece of software.


What they were doing was simple, they were trying to punish a software publishing company for not buying their software to protect it. :r Like the good ol’ mafia offering "protection for a “small monthly fee” so that “nothing happens” to them. :r I agree that StarForce’s strong arm tactics will tick others off at them. And since this was a small software publisher, they knew that they would not take action against them, like if they did the same to a game protected with Securom, Securom’s parent company would have taken them to court for damages immediately. :r
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The fact that it is distributed ILLEGALLY makes it a de-facto WAREZ software. To The Mushroom
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