Starforce enforces DRM by instant reboot (without warning)

I just posted the article Starforce enforces DRM by instant reboot (without warning).

 Despite all  the problems DRM has been causing lately, it seems like companies involved in  copy protection just keep trying to create more dangerous copy  protections.  Originally, they...
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I think that that stuf should be illegal. I’ts a shame that they take over your pc and reboot without your knowledge.

This is awful. :r PPL, don´t buy any starforce-protected products

die starforce, hope you are sued soon!!!

What games are these expected to be in? I will make it a point not to purchase them. This is OVER THE LINE. This Should defiantly require its own separate Agreement and Be printed all over the game box as to warn consumers just as if it contained adult content. I have had viruses that were less malice.

Here is a listing of StarForce protected games that is frequently updated from the Boycott StarForce Website. The best thing is to boycott these products until it is safe to use them again. :frowning:

Anti-spyware programs should start sniffing against garbage such as this.

Protecting one’s intel-right doe not mean they can do anything on a system they do not own; SF should be sued for whatever damage they did!

I gave up buying and playing games… its too much hassle and BS. This should be illegal. Someone needs to take a bat to the head of these fools.

simple…boycott. in my eyes, gaming companies would be foolish to use this protection.

This could explain what I experienced a couple of days ago: After using a partition manager to merge two harddrive partitions (C/D) to one © and changed the driveletters of my two dvd-drives from E/F to D/E, my pc rebooted without warning when I tried to start a Starforce protected game (Colin Mcrae Rally 2005 - dvd bestseller edition). When my system came up again Windows reported a serious malfunction in my system. When I tried to startup the game again it requested the cd-key and the game then started properly. I have now decited to uninstall the two games I own with embeded starforce mal-ware (Colin Mcrae Rally and Peter Jacksons King Kong) :frowning:

i hope the EFF will sue, we should contact our state Attorney Generals as this is spyware just like Sony.

StarForce Not Investigated by Futuremark
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Brave guys, nobody can say they haven’t got the courage to defend their interest$$$$$!!! And about us?..Do you think we are entitled to decide something about what happens inside our machines? It comes a guy…and destroy you drive; Afterwards, another reboots you computer, not because you are using something belonging to him but because he decided to install a piece of spy software that assumes you are going to do someting its master doesn’t allow…and you unsaved work goest down the hole… Another one decides to modify your firmware, changing you hardware behaviour…or to install some dlls that will conflict with some other application you use…now better to say “used to use”… What a nice and fair world…by the way, is today’s date the 30th of December 1983? Can’t wait to see the Big Brother coming on the 1st of January!!!

Not sure what 1983 has to do with things or big brother for that matter. I can catagorically state that I would not buy a starforce protected game. Software companies have to learn that consumers will vote with their feet, if they dont like something about a game. Consumers will not support them in future.

This is worse than the Sony rootkit and is basically an act of terrorism on a users PC. Having a low-level device driver installed and running on a user’s PC without their knowledge is downright dangerous. This Starforce mob should definitely be sued for this.

I’m not going to buy game’s withe a protection like this ever. that’s clear for me.

Starforce just keeps digging their own hole. Gotta love it.

Megatron, he’s talking about George Orwell’s book “1984” and how close we are getting to a society described in that book. Good reading, honestly.