StarForce drivers pass "Designed for Windows XP" Test




This is bullshity PR. :wink:



T1.2 Kernel mode drivers must pass verification testing

AFAIK, “program verification” involves mathematically proving that a particular piece of code does what it is supposed to do, and only what it is supposed to do, under all possible scenarios. So they are saying they actually did this with their drivers? How was it done by an independent company then – they probably have no knowledge of the source code and don’t even have access to it (or do they)? If it’s done by an independent company it’s almost certainly a black box test, and black box test results depend on who wrote the test plan…


As I remember VIA’s motherboard drivers and creative labs sound cards caused data corruption for some uses but if this helps protect users who have to live with this DRM then it is welcome but drivers with normal software is adding a new dimension that could go wrong. Starforce really need the good PR though but I also agree with Pa3PyX.