StarForce disck check help please!



I’ve started learning Chinese and bought the material on CD. Apparently the cd couldn’t install anything so the school decided to send it back (not just mine but all of the 200 they got since they do not work). The teacher wanted us to be able to practice at home (it’s a teaching software) and lent her older, and working copy for us to copy (until we get the working discs). Apparently it has Starforce on, and it won’t let us use the program because the disc is copied though we have a legal key.

What can be done to somehow skip the disc check? Or can I remove Starforce from the original cd? I have it right here with me, the teacher said if I can make it copy able I may do whatever I want (she’d like to lend it to all 200 students, the program was made for my school personally and without it we cannot learn). Please help me! I’ve tried everything but it’s always telling me that’s an illegal copy.

Thank you for your answer in advance!

Edit: I managed to get it to not recognize the disc at all (it tells me it’s not in the drive, but I can see the data on it in Total Commander). This is so hard, really…


Nevermind, I solved it after all. Seems like it doesn’t like to be mounted, as soon as I wrote it out on a disc it worked (I thought it should work as an image on my hard drive as well but I was wrong, before sending a disappointed letter to the company who makes these I decided to burn it to cd and it worked).