Starforce, cracking it

im proberbly going to get comment after coment about this but, with starforce 3 it uses the driver to check wether it is an original disk, so people hide there cdroms from it and that seems to work for them , but has any one thought of atackin the driver itself, cracking the driver, reverse enginering it so they can see how it tics, and by that finding a way to crack the driver not the game, for instance game starts, driver kicks in, verification starts, cd is fine you get in, now if there was a way to make the driver say your cd is original everytime it is asked by the game, even id said game is backup, wouldnt that be a better way, and then wouldnt that work for all games?
but as i said at the biginning, im dreding the response to this thread :frowning:

i’m sure, someone did! but…

is illegal.
and, following the forum-rules, we don’t support such (illegal) things…

Have thought about it…wrote the rules for this forum…so no go here.

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