Starforce copied but played only one time

I manage to make a successfully copy of a starforce protected game .In the first time i played the game with my copy cd but now i get an error that cannot identify disk . The disk is clean .Why this happened ?


I have exactly the same problem now with Cold War when using SFCure method.

What do I do:

  1. Two drives on the 2nd IDE channel physically unplugged (molex power cables detached).
  2. Sfnightmare -> Disable Node
  3. SFCure started (I have Windows XP SP2 and 32bit CPU AMD Athlon 2800+ Barton)
  4. Image mounted to alcohol 3105 version and game installed (SF drivers already present, no reboot required)
  5. The first launch. Everything ok… the game is running.
  6. When finished, all following attempts to run this game again are not successfull.

My PC gets frozen when checking disc, I can wait for 10, 20, or 50 minutes… no result, still frozen. I have to shut down my rig and turn it on again manually.

This is the first SF game where this “glitch” has occured for me.

The solution:

I have to uninstall Cold War (including StarForce drivers when prompted) and after reboot I gotta install this game again, but I can run it just only for the first time again.

So I’m a lil bit suspicious SFCure modul MAY BE blacklisted in this game. Anyone got a simillar experience here?

Try this:

  1. Mount image into daemon tools 3.47
  2. Run Nero DriveSpeed, select virtual drive and select speed 1x.
  3. Try run the game. (Also Disable node and cd-roms).