StarForce Bypass Method without Unplugging

Method found by Cedric128Fr (translated from French here ):

  1. If you have DAEMON Tools installed on your PC, uninstall it.
  2. Shutdown your PC and unplug all CD/DVD drives.
  3. Boot the PC in safe mode , and uninstall every CD/DVD drivers.
  4. Reboot in normal mode, always without CD/DVD plugged, and install DAEMON Tools 4.x.
    Your virtual drive need to have the letter next to the one of your HDD. (necessary !!)
  5. Shutdown the PC again and plug the CD/DVD Drive.
  6. Boot the PC and let Windows install the CD/DVD Drive.
  7. Mount a sf iso with DAEMON Tools, install and play :slight_smile:

Tested with:
Prince.Of.Persia.The.Two.Thrones.SFCloneDVD-MiRROR (StarForce --> OK
Peter.Jackson.s.King.Kong.CloneDVD-iTWINS (StarForce --> OK
Cross.Racing.Championship.2005.MULTI3.SFCLONE (StarForce --> Bug

This still needs to be tested with games that have not been downloaded though.

Just wanted to tell you that it didnt work with cycling manager pro 2006