Starforce and RW's?

Can i burn starforce-protected games on CD-RW’s for testing ?
Or is it impossible to run a a game with starforce-protection on CD-RW’s ?
I want to test burning starforce-protected games without to spent many CD-R’s. :rolleyes:

Test starforce-burning with:

  • Plextor-Burner Premium 523252 (fw 1.05)

  • Liteon-Burner LTR-32123S (fw XS0Z)

  • Toshiba-Burner DVD-ROM SD-R 5112 (fw 1033)

  • Blindwrite 5.2

  • Alcohol 120%

Have i a chance with this burners and BW ?
Or better with Alcohol 120% ?
Without emulations ?

You can.

At the moment it`s impossible to create a ‘1:1’ backup on CDRW or CDR.

I don’t think so.

Better chance than using BW.


At the moment there is no chance backing up StarForce :sad:, hopefully there’ll be a solution in the near future :).

There are many sf3 games that can be 1:1 copied now.

Codename panzer phase one

it all Depends on reader and medium but for many people it worked.

when copying starforce games make a proper clone burn using sao then use a proggy to slow down ur cd or dvd drive to 4x experiment and it should work :slight_smile:

Which proggy for slowdown my cd/dvd-rom drive to 4x ?


Found CD-Bremse.

any program should be able to control reading and writing speeds.

it’s not the reading and writing part, it’s to slow the drive down when you go to play the backup. If you play a starfprce game too fast it won’t work, but by slowing it down some people have had success.

Wouldn’t see why that would make a good backup, as I would imagine that with low speeds it can check it more precisely.

burn using verbatim cd-rw at lowest speed then use a proggy to slow down readin speed at the same time run windows media player 9 :cop: remeber experiment with slowing down speed p-cav, cav etc

with many cd/dvd readers it works flawless,you don’t even need to run wmp9. the backup works just like the original. also you can update the game without any problem