Starforce 4 - whats new?

Copybase tells me that the game “Flatout 2”, which has been released today is protected by Starforce
I’m not going to buy the game just to look whats new with this greater version update. Is this weird online activation like steam has it already being used?
Or in general whats new at that one? Is the protection now faster/safer or whatev?

  • automated driver uninstalltion
  • ATIP/ADIP check
  • furthermore the same beast as 3.7.16, look here

AFAIK SF online activation isn’t used with retail titles which have media check, but it’s a already used additional way of distribution

I would not support ANY game company that uses StarForce. Myself being a legitimate owner of games, have purchsed some titles from Ubisoft and other games protected with StarForce and got an error message. I use emulation software because I store all of my CD images on one large HDD to avoid swapping discs all the time, so for my legitimate use of CD/DVD emulators I am punished and not allowed to run a game I PAID for, so in this case I think game companies are encouraging people to piracy. I would not hesitate one second to look for a cracked EXE file or even get the entire game to send a CLEAR message to the game companies - Why the **** should I unplug all of my optical drives to run a game I paid for ?

As to starforce 4, no big deal - only a matter of time before it gets beaten - I mean look what they did with STEAM, it didn’t take time before that got defeated too!

Starforce online activation has already been used in several game titles in China.
pretty sure we will see more released in other language. Persumably in Germany and Russia.