StarForce 4 Protection in DVD

ï¼´o cope with StarForce 4 Protection, I’ve known I could use some software like SFCopy3 Shell to copy. And I surely suceeded to copy a CD that have StarForce 4 Protection.

But now,I am facing a problem,SFCopy3 Shell doesn’t support DVD Image.
So the game I’d like to backup and when it’s a DVD-ROM,
I can not deal with it.

ï¼·ould anyone give some advice?

Thanks in advanced.

Afaik all SF titles from version 3.7.16 to 4.70.05 can be played mounted in Alcohol’s or DT’s virtual drive or as an RMPS copy, no need to unplug physical IDE drives anymore.

I deeply appreciated you for helping solved my problem.
I am so stupid that I even didn’t try to run it before I use those tool.
However…I’m confused.
Does It mean that we don’t have to use any trickly methoud to crack it?
SF4 reinforce what so that many of my friend told me SF4 is very hard to deal with…
If a virtual drive supporded RMPS could solve it.
SF4 even weaker than SF3 or some other protection like SecuROM or SafeDisk
Could give me some link of airticles about “the difference between SF3 & SF4” ?
I’ve searched old posts but found nothing. :frowning:
Thanks in advanced.

Sorry, but i was in bed with angina.
All versions before 3.7.16 only run in virtual SCSI drives when no optical IDE drive is present/found in system. Before version optical IDE drives were concealable with SFNightmare. After that (up to SF 3.7.13) one had to physically unplug optical IDE drives to play in virtual drive -there are exceptions when having only optical USB-, or SCSI drives…

When it comes to file blocking the new versions are harder, but Daemon Tools’ reactions were even “harder” :slight_smile: