Starforce 4 old sfcfg method still working?

I have just obtained a game that is protected by SF4, I dont have any problem backing up and SF3 games but this SF4 seems to be a pain in the ass.

Here is the cfg I got from the game

147600 18
13680 18
1520 1824 2128 2432 2736 3040
211 172 49 194 235 162

Is this correct? I will post the log from bushound later

Thanks for the help

This info is poitless for us,

  1. What game is
  2. What programs are you using to copy
  3. System specs

Some Chinese game lol
I am using alcohol and SFcopy 3.01 to do the copying
It seems Pioneer 111D is not capable of producing a working copy. will try Plextor Premium later