StarForce 4.7 updated against all known emulators

I just posted the article StarForce 4.7 updated against all known emulators.

StarForce has released an updated version of its product, which has been redesigned to protect against all known emulators, including the latest versions of Daemon Tools, going by this…

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What…? Like this will pose any real problem? Just don’t buy/support applications/games that use this form of protection, It seems like to me, that a lot of the newer protections (within the last 4 years or so) want to install code (rootkits for example) on your computer, alter it’s configuration without your knowledge or permission (it’s YOUR computer, not theirs), all in a effort to ‘control piracy’ and/or hackers. If I were to attempt any of this cr*p and get caught, I’d be thrown under the jail, but it’s ok if big companies do this stuff (thanks to the dmca)… :r

It discoradge users to buy StarForce protected games :slight_smile: Anyway , what the next week topics will be “Emulators updated against StarForce 4.7 ?” :slight_smile: When they will finally learn that people who pirate will still pirate while they just making problems for honest users and REDUCE the sales.

See the bugs and crap that starforce protected games are like, buy Gothic 3.

Gothic 3 is StarForce protected only in Russia, it’s buggy anyway :slight_smile:

YSF(Chinese version) uses StarForce to protect it from illegal copy, but this version of StarForce requires players to uninstall Alcohol 120% in his/her machine. It’s obviously different from what they said in January:(