STARFORCE 3_SAFEDISK4_SECUROMNEW.v7_ WALKTHOUGHS! simple methods and it works!

I agree, if you have to go through that much just to play a game that you don’t own anyways, just go buy it. :slight_smile:

and make the rich man richer (publishers&prot developers)so they can buy 3 high speed cars, no thanks. :rolleyes:

the problem is DT4 has just been blacklisted by SF3. Hammer and Sickle has SF 3.5 only but it has CP blacklisting and DOES NOT work mounted with DT4 and any method, unplugged, other apps ANYTHING. Its OVER.

Ok, I’ll remember that when you design/invent something and rip you off. It’s just how it works sometimes. I’m not saying I agree with it, it just happens.

Try SR.Stop v1.2. Works great. Or give Daemon Tools v 4.0.3 a try. It’s a new release.

Hi! I have a problem. If i try to run the game with Daemon tools 4.0.3 it boots up and works but after around 1 minute, or sometimes a bit more , the whole computer “hangs” or freeze if you prefer. I then have to reboot.

Now i was trying to do it with Alcohol 120% like this guide suggests, but when i do as stated then try to run the game , during the detection it takes like 3 minutes and then says “The Disk Key you entered does not correcpond to the disc in the drive. Make sure you use the correct Disk Key”.

Now i am SURE i am using the right key since it works with Daemon…

Any help please? Thanks

P.S.: Using the LATEST alcohol version.

Sorry, don’t know how to help you there. I prefer not to use Alcohol since I’ve never really had problems with Daemon Tools. You are you using Alcohol when Daemon Tools works?

Its very difficulty to use Alcohol 120 to run your SF Pr0tectEd Games, coze it blacklisted and can hide itself...... I think, that DaemonTools 4.03 use a rootkit technology to hide itself in the system from SF drivers....... Oh, about your problem...... If you use a game with last ver 0f SF, i can said, that its imposiible emulate it, if u havent RAID or USB drive..... U can try SFNightmare, or create a copy of ur game with SFCopy....... P.S. i havent problem with DT…