StarForce 3 + PlexPremium + BlindWrite = working

See this thread in the BlindWrite Forum.

lapinou from Blindwrite says that with a Plextor Premium and BlindWrite >4.5.3 we should be able to copy games protected with StarForce3.

So my question is, can anyone test this?? :bow: :bow:

Hm, to bad that I do not have any starforce 3 protected discs, or else I would have tried it right away.

i have a plex prem but what games are starforce 3 ?

Some games that are protected with Starforce can be found here (should be picked out of the list)

anyone know the settings for starforce ??? I would be happy to try out just dont know settings

Originally posted by giovanni42104
anyone know the settings for starforce ??? I would be happy to try out just dont know settings

I don’t know the settings, but you could mail lapinou. :bow:

Games with StarForce 3 protection (as far as I know):
American Conquest
Anstoss 4
Cossacks: European Wars
Cycling Manager 3
Demonic Speedway
Horse Race Manager
Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter
Silkolene Honda Motocross GP
The I Of The Dragon
War And Peace
Restaurant Empire

mmm … the post of Lapinou sound like to say : that could be possible, but not right now …

Anyway here is the short list with Lastest news protected by Starforce 3 :

Note : I make a try with “Cycling Manager 3” this nite.

C u ZeCK.

okay thank you …I have one of those games here

I will have to try it …

but i think laplou was commenting about the new blindwrite that is do to come out sometime soon i ma sure …dont quote me on that though …gong to read his post again but i think that is what was said

Yea … i think Lapinou’s talking about Blindwrite 5.

Cose, apparently that cant work ATM, cose Starforce 3 protection dont have valide BWA on current version of Blindwrite… So how to Burn at Premium mode ? I think we cant, so … Lets see.

@ZeCk and giovanni42104, I don’t know for sure if lapinou was talking about BW5, but have you tried it??

up to this point starforce 3 can not be done by blindwrite. .beta testing 5 and it is not going and talked to the man that does blindwrite and that is a no go for now …but they are working on getting starforce 3 to backup