Starforce has been beaten!

There’s a working crack available for Winter Challenge in Gamecopyworld (however v1.1 crack doesn’t work)! The game uses Starforce and finally you don’t need any programs like starf*ck or Starforce Nightmare, no more disconnecting cables or whatever! Here’s the evidence. :cool:

Careful, you should read the rules and edit your post.

The admins get angry by this kind of “info”


well, apart from that talking about cracks isn’t allowed and supported on this board (as using cracks is illegal in most countries) - if i click on your “evidence”, i read an nfo which tells me to MOUNT an image, unplug my IDE drives and use DT4 to play - which is the standard way of playing SF games.


So close to being poked with the banning stick, do not post any information about cracks/patches again.

And while you at it read The Rules of this forum

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