StarForce and things

anyone can tell me if it is possible to make an image and then run a game without a cd protected with StarForce

i managed to make almost perfect topology of the game with an alcohol
but using Daemon tools it still cannot run
(i really plugged off all physical drives)

still nothing works :frowning:

may be there is a protection in 3.4 against emulation?

You should try out the new version of Starfuck, which is now called ‘Starforce Nightmare’.
(File is clean)

Sorry, i forgot to mention, in case you aren’t familiar with the procedure:
Starforce Nightmare only works with mini-images

well as i undertsand it is no difference whether i use mini image or normal alcohole image
i just cannot understand on one PC i mamaged to run the game from the image with a good MDS and then i make an image from the same disk
and bring the tested mds to mine PC and it won’t work
3-4 mins of checking the disk then it says - key is incorrect :frowning:

can’t understand what is wrong

There is a major difference

Me too

The mini-images didnt work for me with Desert Rats vs. Afrika Corps, usinf StarF*ck