Starforce 3.0........ Can this be true : -)

was searching on the net and came across this review of burners and software. It is mainly about alcohol120% but if you read the review (i read the english one) the last sentence sounded too good to be true.

“A tip against the Copy Protection Starforce 3.0 the only Burner that managed this was the Burner from Teac.”

the link is

could someone verify this

If it were true we would all own a Teac CD-W548E and Alc120%
Also you will see that apparently CloneCD 4.2 was successful at backing up Starforce3.

these results were from a test they did at the middle to end of November 2002
Whats with using 14 month old test results, was it too hard to run some fresh tests…

like I said “It seemed to good to be true”