Starforce $1000 "prove it!" challenge

I hate this protection ,but hadn’t had visible problems with it.But in case someone is interested:

StarForce is announcing world wide contest among users of StarForce protected applications!!!

There have been a lot of rumors in the Internet concerning DVD/CD writers malfunction after installation and star-up of StarForce protected applications. Some have even mentioned that should such “malfunctioning” drive be placed in any other PC without StarForce protection installed it will fail to work as well.

In the past year our staff and many of our clients tried restlessly to reproduce the matter based on these rumors. Using our hardware collection we assembled systems alike, but such problems never took place.
Therefore, we have no proven facts of such issues and we have found out that all of these rumors are false.

We have serious reasons to believe that such problems are pure fiction.
However, if such problem does exist, it should be repeatable. Therefore, just to make sure, StarForce decided to have a worldwide contest among users of StarForce protected applications.

Anyone who can reproduce and demonstrate the mentioned above problem with CD/DVD drive in our office will receive $1000.00 US.

You should arrive in our office with your PC or use any of our PCs and reproduce the problem.

Here are the terms of the contest:

  • All the drives in the system should be properly functioning prior to the installation of a StarForce protected product.

  • After the installation and start-up of StarForce protected product the problem with (CD/DVD read-write malfunction) must exist and be reproduced in any other configuration.

If you can be the first to reproduce this situation in our office, we will be happy to award you with $1000.00 US, cover your trip to Moscow and pay 2 days’ lodging.

Please submit your applications before January 31 2006.

Dennis Zhidkov

I think I will have to pass on this as you have to install the starforce crap ( which means buying one of the latest protected games) to test it and reimage to remove all its goodness. Anyway I think that noone will be able to prove anything anyway so what is the point but you could say they are trying to help find or disprove the problem. If this was safedisc though I would be in the money as some safedisc game give me disc reading problems on my old Pioneer DVD-ROM drive. A trip to Moscow would be nice though. :smiley:

Sorry for any spelling problems etc.

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I am very tempted to send SF guys a mail to demostrate what they say r “not just rumors”. I dont want their money, just to have satisfaction they r wrong and doesnt want to admit it.

Because it cant be reproduced in just a day with a completely new equipment, i will say them how to reproduce it. It is a six month-year test only in the case u hadnt a lab to test with.

Take a clean computer, install Windoze, and install the drive u would like.
Then, install a lot of SF games, from SF 3.3 to SF 3.6, and begin to test.
In the first month execute twice a day any 3.3 SF protected title, or even three times ( because in this stages prot not always verified disc).

Some drives will pass almost inmediatly, but others will need two or three passes. (Toshiba/Plextor drives didnt enjoy such games)

Go testing upper SF versions till final ones versions and finally try to burn/read with such drive.

Be sure to burn a test CD at the begining of everything. This will be a pattern CD if the selected drive is a recorder. Measure burning time, speed and then use any c0/c1 CD error tool.

Use this test every month and note results.

U can do a parallel test with a clean machine and “normal” use with other copyprots (Safedisc, SecuROM, RingProtect, Laserlock, Lockblocks…)
Do the same.

Finally, compare results from drive with a lot of SF titles “launched” with a normal one. Degeneration is much more on the SF one.

TIPs: LG drives launches SF titles so fast at the begining. Then becomes slower and finally goes unstable
TIP#2: Even Plextor drives goes mad after a time. My Plexie 2410a suffered in its fleed.

I m learning russian, and enjoy such languaje, but i m so busy at home, so such trip is currently impossible to me. What a pity.

If someone can give SF guys such info, lets see what they say.

Morg @ CdSTeam

Ups i forgot, u can also try SF 2, available on Siege of Avalon game. This one particulary damaged a lot drive.

Morglum007 out

preety smart actually, they use their contest and make the prize suck soo bad that its not even worth entering. the problems cant be proven in a day either. but since no one will enter the contest they will use it to say their protection rulz people are talking crap.

Starforce just raised the money to $3000.Someone must have told them that they look too cheap :bigsmile:

Yep but they wont go for any long term studies I bet.

lol… they upped it to 5k now

If they are so sure of themselves they should make it something substantial, like $50,000 or more.

I guess they may find some obscure old drive that doesn’t work with it, and they don’t want to risk too much money. $5,000 sounds fair enough to me. Its not like they are asking people to beat the protection, just find one drive that wont work with it.

yeah… i agree… i mean. hell if i came up with a copy prot scheme… id PAY someone to try n crack it…