am i the only one who, after using this, lost the ability to actually burn cd’s? i can use the drive to read, but not to burn.


Do not post any racial comments like that again, you have been warned :cop:


oh come ON. it was a lighthearted joke.

the thing was made by germans, and it did cramp my burning style


Any form of racist comments have no place on this forum, end of story.


well, i’m sure the german “race” thanks you for your vigilence


Whether or not they thank me is irrelevant, there is just no need to add racist comments to your posts.


What? I thought StarF*ck was made buy some Russians :confused:


the program is in all german, so i dunno.

i just want to get my burner back to normal


How do you know StarFuck is the Culprit?


Mind your language :wink:


lol@Kitna’s “clean” alternative name :bigsmile: