I’m sorry if it has been posted, but is Starcraft, the original, able to copy. My friend said he was going to burn it for me, but he hasn’t been able to. thanks.

You shouldn’t have a problem copying it at all, as it’s unprotected.

My friend still is having problems burning it though, and I do not know why.

He shouldnt be trying to copy for you anyway! Its illegal. See my sig for the rules.


You are refering to

Requesting for or posting of serial numbers, direct links to cracks or any other information that violates copyright laws or any other laws protecting intellectual property;


As this whole sub-forum is entitled Copy Protection Discussion Forum, half the people on the site are probably breaking the law, instead of copying for back-up purposes or something…

It looks like you think you are at

Requests for downloads of anything that is not freeware, shareware, trial versions or copyright-free material (hence, no ISOs, Warez or MP3s that are protected by copyright). Any references to such activities will also lead to deletion of the topic


Maybe you should go and buy the game yourself, posts such as yours are against the forum rules (see link in my sig) and as such this thread will be closed.
We are not going to help you pirate the game.