Starcraft Map creatong problem

My problem is very simple, or maybe not.

I made a custom map in the Map editor for Starcraft, but, I wanted to know if there was any way to set a starting point. Like say its a 2 vs 6 game, and I want 2 players to always be placed on the left side of the map, and 6 other players on the right side. I set all options which appear to be whats needed like different forces and colors and human/computer but it always starts us as random. Random is not checked.

Any Starcraft Pro’s here who made maps?

Maybe I am trying to do something impossible that the map editor doesn’t support?


wow… It has been a really long time since the last time I used that software… but I think what you did was it. Did you start the game in Used map settings mode? Otherwise you can’t specify the positions of any players… as long as I remember that is

Post this question on one of the Korean websites. I am sure that you will get the answer :slight_smile:

Originally posted by kwond78
Did you start the game in Used map settings mode?

Umm, didn’t realize the option existed, but me thinks this will do the trick.

Thanks ever so much, you may have saved me hours of stress here.

Well, the map starts me at the correct positions, but always ends in a DRAW about 3sec after thegame starts.

Any ideas as to why?

maybe there is something missing in the map that the game see’s like the teams can’t reach each other and just ends the game. Just have a go over the map and see if everything is ok. Another problem might be that there are no win conditions set, I know alot (nearly all) of editiors require win conditions to be set.

Just figured itout, I was supposed to set triggers for the AI(Artifical Intelligence) for all PC players, as well as pre-build their buildings. Unlike Positioning for Human players, the Game doesn’t automatically assign a building unit on a starting point…Why the hell not - beats the hell out fo me.

Oh well, all fine an ddandy now.

Thx for all the help guys. :slight_smile: