Starcraft brood war

hello all

i dunno whether anyone here can help me, or if this is even the right place to ask for help but anyways here goes:
i have starcraft brood war, the only prob is the cd has started to die (music gets caught, error messages every so often, etc.) and blizzard want me to just buy another copy. i was hoping that a fellow computer geek might have this game and be willing to make me a cd image. since this game came out a while ago, and you cant play it without the original installed plus a cd key its fairly safe to assume that im not just trying to get free software, in case anyone thinks thats what im trying to do :stuck_out_tongue: .

so if anyone is willing help me, lemme kno so i can give u details. basically my plan is if someone is willing to help i would ask them to upload the cd image to my ftp server. i can dl at 1600kbps so i would expect that the upload would take less than an hour provided i am not using my connection heavily and your connection can upload at that rate.

well thx for any help

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req:cd image

…thats like bad…