Starcraft 2 is Back

Some people have a predisposition to epilepsy and some videogames containing fast flickering scenes can cause an attack.

lots of people died for PC game in asia
I retired PC game 6 years ago because I can’t get any infomation at this time

^ a comic illustrating what a big and awesome announcement starcraft 2 was.

They had to do something with all that starcraft ghost data, Bring on Diablo 3

I bet you don’t even know where this assumption came from? Once upon a time they showed a lot of Japanese kids a video game, some of the kids showed signs of epilepsy. Since then every company prints this disclaimer.

Back on topic. If you have never played StarCraft i highly suggest purchasing and playing it. It’s still supported by Blizzard (already over a dozen patches, mostly for Korea since it’s immensly populare there) and it costs about $5 or so.

Understatement of the millenium. Global Warming is not as big as Starcraft2.
Starcraft 1 is still the best RTS. EVER.

On a related note … hospitals have become overcrowded with geeks stuck to their chairs following the announcement that SC2 is in the pipeline.