Starcraft 2 is Back

3D game

wrong forum…

all I want show them to awesome graphics
I don’t know where I post it :confused: or this is not for CDfreaks
please :bow: someone remove this thread :sad:

What is Starcraft? :eek:

it is Starcraft 2 Video intro & game play

oops :o

I hadn’t idea that it was a game :doh:

it’s probably the only game that can make me quit world of warcraft :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s a real time strategy game where you’re in charge of the military for your species. you have a bunch of missions to complete and you have to train your troops and battle other species with different technologies, capture resources, etc

the announcement of starcraft 2 was HUGE. I can’t wait. I’m such a Blizzard fanboy (fangirl?)

I think the original Starcraft is a little outdated by today’s standards and I shifted to MMOs myself since then, but a lot of people are still diehard Starcraft players. Starcraft 2 is going to be huge.

what happened to the good old Quake? :stuck_out_tongue:

I loved Quake. And Quake II. Wasn’t too fussed on Q3A though :slight_smile:

BTW, moved thread to “Entertainment Talk” :wink:

Have you tried Quake 4? :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm this is offtopic :doh:

It is Very Hot in Asian market
and they upgrade PC right now for this Game
I’m not playing game anymore ( Diablo make me fell down - three days in hospital )

If playing this game requires a powerful machine, then I will not buy it for sure… My wallet doesn’t allow me a new machine :frowning:

also my body can’t handle this game
2D is ok but 3D makes me Dizzy just in 20min.

I wonder if recent games are 32 or 64 bit…

Sounds nasty, care to explain? :slight_smile:

@Geno - no, I haven’t tried Quake 4. :disagree:

original starcraft was released in like 98 or 99 and it’s still a TON of fun…the graphics just look like they were form the late 90s lol.

i’m not sure what kind of specs starcraft 2 will require, but the above links are not really indicative of the actual graphics. Those were videos played at Blizzard’s WorldWide Invitational last week when the game was officially announced and are concept videos only as far as I’m aware (please correct me if I’m wrong) and are not actual game graphics.

There’s no release date as of yet. I’m thinking 2009ish maybe, but that’s a personal guess.

@Burnsama do you know if they’ve started applications to Beta test yet?

I’m not even sure they’re that far along in development really, but that woudl be awesome.

PC RTS games > console anyday

Very easy… No eat / No sleep / No break
Just Keep hunting them :bigsmile:
My primary Dr told me if you keep playing game might be have a Brain damage anyway after that happen my body is can’t handle PC game anymore

Ouch! :eek:…I did an 8 hour stint playing Quake 2 with my boyfriend at the time, but that’s the longest I’ve played any game :slight_smile:

I don’t have any info yet they just release game promo
May/19 asia time