StarBurn Free For Today!

A $50 Value. Havent tried this before but going to since its free. Hope someone else finds this useful or just wants to try it out.

Thanks I will give it a try

Hey it looks like answer 10,000 questions and give them you life’s history…I exited out after about 15 questions…looked like no getting to the end.

what?? i just clicked on the download on the mainpage…it took me to a different page to download it…and that was it

Edit, remember you have to install it before the free offer expires :iagree:

I did’nt answer no questions either, I clicked on download and the zip file came right thru with no BS.

I don’t understand…StarBurn is listed as a free download from RocketDivision. :confused::confused::confused:

who cares if it is free originally, if it is a good software, then it is a jackpot. I am gonna give it a try, DVDFAB Platinum is good but it is kinda stupid, cannot even have the option for you to add the title to the disc. It is good for removing protection but it is a bad software for burning. Lets see if this one is as good as cloneDVD for burning

Free software such as DVDdecrypter, imgburn, etc… are good so I am gonna give this software a try

I believe the free version you are talking about doesn’t give you access to some features, I think someone said a comment about it on the page. But if I’m wrong I still don’t care just as long as its a good program.

My mistake I clicked on the wrong link :doh:

Downloaded with out a problem but I have not tried it yet.

I never heard of it, I will give it a try also, it can always be deleted.:iagree:

Now we really need is uninstaller pro for free so we can try all the free softwares so we can uninstall it cleanly if we dont want it. or registry cleaner

Downloaded & installed, will give it a go later, thank you.

Thanks for the heads-up. Installed it and will try later.

The downloadable software is free but it can not never be upgraded, So what you d/l is what you get and thats it. What else cud be said. It’s free

Hi :slight_smile:
Never look a gift horse in the mouth they say.
But I found this s/w average to say to least.
Its user interface somewhat tacky, with a heavy feel to it.
However those who are impressed will be pleased to note that Starburn 9 is free anyway from their website.
:: RocketDivision :: CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD recording and mastering
The giveawayoftheday is Starburn9evolution.
As already mentioned no upates etc.
But if you use DVDFab free + Starburn 9, it can’t be bad.
Me ?
I prefer AnyDVD +CloneDVD, DVDFab Platinum, MagicDVDCopier + Ripper & last but not least DVDneXtCopy.
All of which requires some pennies. :doh:

I just found out this software is free everyday, its freeware.

Hi :slight_smile:
Isn’t that what the 2 previous posts were saying? :doh:
I certainly thought mine was. :stuck_out_tongue:

For those interested anyway, there is a walk through an ISO burn here.

Yep that whats yours said and that’s what mine said, what a coincidence.:clap: :iagree: :cool:

I installed it and un-installed it right off I didn’t like it at all. :disagree: Seems like it might have installed something else along
with it because when I restarted it came up with the new hardware found wizard and wanted to install drivers for an
Extended BIOS or something like that. I finally had to let it install the drivers after a couple of restarts but the funny
thing is I haven’t added any new hardware anyone else experienced this on the restart? :confused: