Starbucks readies music download service

I just posted the article Starbucks readies music download service.

Quakester2000 used our news submit to tell us Starbucks is launching an in-store downloading service. Give me a Venti, double pump, triple shot, skinny, extra hot, decaf…

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I wonder if you won’t be able to bring your own music now… lol I do think the truckers will eat this up though Lacrymator

Yay! Burnt coffee and expensive downloads. Sign me up! :r
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[edited by HarmlessGryphon on 12.03.2004 13:41]

yuuupppp… its official now Starbucks is trying to take over the world. Now I think that theyre next move is to put some good olfashion prozac in the cofee and make the people buy music CDs and vote for pres. Bush over and over again. :frowning: