Starbucks partners with Yahoo to offer Digital Network content

Starbucks partners with Yahoo to offer Digital Network content.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The Starbucks Digital Network (SDN) has been officially launched, a new content network that will give customers Internet access to different online search portals.  The service is a free, ad-supported service and offers smartphone and portable electronics owners the chance to stay at Starbucks and suck down overly-priced drinks with odd-sounding names.

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Ohh goody, now it means my wife will never get her coffee, because all the squatters will never leave (as if they did before). Maybe starbucks should be required to be tied into malls, that way there is enough room for squatters as well as customers who want their cocoabean. Also, on another note, didn’t I read somewhere Starbucks told their barista’s to only make 2 drinks at a time? Guess people will get fed up with the waiting and find somewhere else.