Starbucks instrumental in producing Billboards #2 album

I just posted the article Starbucks instrumental in producing Billboards #2 album.

Starbucks recently produced the late Ray Charles album “Genius Loves Company”. Due to their distribution system, this album is now #2 on Billboards Top Ten chart. Not only that, Starbucks…

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Ah, the moronic ‘gurus’ from marketing stupidity central have finally discovered the power of the Latte’ set and all this is, after years of “FRASIER” and his signature coffee shop scene in the show. This shows stupidity has no bounds in marketing! :X

The article also forgets to mention that there is a Starbucks on every freakin corner in the US. Where I live in Central California, there are 5 Starbucks within 5 miles from me. It’s not that hard to do something such as this if you “bombard” the community with your stores every half mile. I hate Starbucks. The people who frequent them think their “crap doesn’t stink”. Their coffee is overpriced and frankly, I can get just a good of cup from the local gas station.