Star Wars Trilogy DVDs auto-updating your Xbox, beware!



I just posted the article Star Wars Trilogy DVDs auto-updating your Xbox, beware!.

Thanks to jef195 we know that there is something fishy going on with the Star Wars Trilogy DVDs. In this four disc box set you will find a “Special Feature Disc” which includes…

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Yes, I feel a ripple in the force now…


It was as if millions of people cried out in against their subjugation and were silenced.


Takeover by stealth, now that truly sucks!!!:r


That’s impossible! No program that small has a cloaking device! :B


search your feelings tony2442, you KNOW it to be true.


Seems like the MS Empire stikes back. Next on the cinemas: The comeback of the dashboard modders. This is going to be very interesting!


Use the MOD Luke…


well there is also a cool side about this whole thing. First the Movie DVDs are normal DVDs and are not written backwards like normal Xbox games. Second there are no visible Fonthacks on the DVD that would allow the XBE files to be ran on an UNMODDED xbox. This could be a HUGE step towards making bootable Xbox games on DVD-R disks. :slight_smile:


Don’t use the ‘fourth’ (disc) luke!


I’m sitting in a Microsoft meeting room reading this and I laughed out loud and had to iterate the first two user comments to the MS employees. Please keep in mind, if the updated software improves the dashboard, I guess I can’t complain, but I think I agree the Xbox should throw a security warning and ask the user if the given DVD should be allowed to update the Xbox dashboard. But then this is the future of DRM’d software. It’s safe that this update happened as I’m sure (!!!) the update was digitally signed by MS. Get use to the idea that future versions of Windows and Office will auto update and you won’t be able to disable it without a packet filtering firewall. DRM baby, hate it if you want but Linux is getting it too, and Apple will be there also.
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