Star Wars Trilogy Bonus Material

Good Day,

I just got my self the New Star Wars Trilogy on DVD.
I’m trying to backup the 4th cd which is the Bonus Materials.
I’m only getting 54.9% Compression. Anyone achieve Better Quality yet ? If so, what did you do ?

Depends on what program your using. If your using Shrink, then I’d suggest you have a look at DVD ReBuilder instead, you wont get any better compressions but you will get a better quality backup.

if by “achieving better quality” you mean having to use lower compression, this would obviously depend on what you leave out. if you leave everything in, that’s the % compression you’re going to be facing no matter what program you use.

I attempted to backup A New Hope but found that it errored at about 50%. This was with DVD Shrink and DVD Xcopy Express.

I hink the error was CRC read errors. This is what I see with highly scratched discs but these were brand new.

Has anyone had any luck with “backing up” any of these.
I did a google search but did not find too many pages discussing this topic.

50% compression… heh, why even waste your time.

I usually leave out unwanted stuff if I get a high compression rate. usually there are ac3 files in different languages which can be left out. also if your using DVD Shrink then do the 2 pass and have AEC turned out to get decent quality

When you say 2nd pass do you mean deep analysis ?
what is AEC ?


i’m going to assume that he meant “deep analysis” when he said “2 pass”. as far was what AEC is, it’s adaptive error compensation. taken from dvd shrink’s help file:

When video is compressed, small errors or artifacts are introduced. This is an unavoidable consequence of video compression, and DVD Shrink cannot prevent this from happening. However, it can keep these artifacts to a minimum.

This option will adaptively compensate for any artifacts introduced by the video compression, so as to prevent them from propagating into the next pictures which are compressed. This requires DVD Shrink to dynamically decode and compare both the original and the compressed video, so that it can detect if artifacts have been introduced and compensate for them accordingly.

AEC (adaptive error compensation) requires a lot of CPU power, and depending on the speed of your computer, it may take an hour or more to complete your backup. However, it will often provide a far superior video quality. AEC will also benefit from deep analysis.

ive done the bonus dvd and it was 50 something % but shrink wouldnt go that low so used clonedvd instead