Star Wars The Old Republic Key + 30 days of gameplay: $7.77

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Pay with credit card gives you an additional discount of 5%

Coupon code FBLIKEOFF285996 gives you an additional discount of 5% (valid for December 2012).

I am aware there is a Free To Play option for this game as well, but it is still a pretty deal:

  • Buying the game and 30 day of play for 7 bucks is pretty cheap
  • You will get 500 cartel coins because of it
  • You can use those cartel coins to spend it on stuff to permanently unlock things in the Free To Play option (like having extended quickbars again, which costs 450 cartel coins for all your characters on your account)

Disadvantage: You will need EA’s Origin and not many people like that system.

Price showing $7.86 now. Also looks like you get 50% pre-ordering the upcoming expansion if you are a subscriber, so this could save another $10 there.

Indeed. Pre order before January 7th and you get the discount and early access. Not that i need it (still level 20+ or something), but i might take this deal.

I just wish i could find 60 day cards cheaply online. They all seem to cost more than $20 everywhere. :frowning:



My subscription ends in two days and i can’t find a 60 day time card cheaper than 22 Euros :frowning:

I’m not really sure if it is still beneficial to go back to the F2P option. At the moment i think it’s best to invest in the pre-order of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel, since it’s $10 (if you are a subscriber, which i still am for 48 hours) AND should make me a prefered player according to the FAQ (which is slightly better than a F2P player). I will use some cartel coins (got 700 of them for free) to unlock necessary stuff.

Found a 60 day code for €16 at