Star Wars: Republic Commando =-BWA-=

just looking to see if anyone has made a ‘functional’ bwa …woot woot!

Here you go :slight_smile:

3 files take the one you like.

hallo51 (67.2 KB)

The BWA in the ZIP, did not work for me. It still can not verify the authenticity of the disc. I combined with Twin Peaks, and burned/read at 4x. Am I doing this wrong?

what version of blindwrite are you using and did you use the tweaker to import the bwa file?? also the twinpeaks method / import of bwa file has to be on disc 1…disc 2 does not have the protection…

however i have the Plextor Premium and the game runs…the protection is replicated 100% …make sure to use the .BWA file and not the .MDS files

None of the attached DPM readouts work for me, doesn’t even work mounted on latest Alcohol w/ blacklist fixes…Could someone post a funtional MDS readout that is compatible with US version of the game?