'Star Wars' producer: DVD hurts movie industry

I just posted the article ‘Star Wars’ producer: DVD hurts movie industry.

On CNN.com we can read an interesting short interview with Rick McCallum, producer of “Attack of the Clones” and “The Phantom Menace”.

Because more and more movies incorporate computer-generated…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4687-Star-Wars-producer-DVD-hurts-movie-industry.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4687-Star-Wars-producer-DVD-hurts-movie-industry.html)

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As soon as DVD quality videos can be traded upon theatrical release, then I’d hear an argument. However, right now the movies he’s fearing everyone watching are shitty “I took a camcorder into the theater” bootlegs. I am one of those folks who like to buy to own, and yet he’s thoroughly pissed me off. Especially the big about their lives being at stake. We only hope we can finish Episode III in time. How much money have they already made? And they’re that worried about making more? Geez they make number three on my list of greed. 3.GL and this bloke 2.the RIAA 1.The folks who refuse to buy music because it’s free on the net. Greedy ugly people out there.

Oh get off of your “high horse”. There’s nothing wrong with downloading free music. The quality doesn’t even compare to that of real CDs, so why not let people enjoy it? Apparently they don’t care enough to buy original CDs, so they’re the ones missing out on the quality.

heh they dont refuse to buy it they just get on the p2p and get it for free :4

DVD’s are still cheaper than CD’s and contain video as well as audio and extra’s. DVD’s won’t be pirated nearly as much as music because, a. the prices of DVD’s are better and b. it is a lot easier to buy DVD’s than pirate them.

I don’t normally get sucked into re-acting to this sort of propaganda, but i just couldn’t let it pass this time… I agree with Jab1981 that unless there were frequently DVD-ripped quality versions of movies readily available for download at (or before!) the theatre release, this won’t become a widespread problem. Even then, most people would still prefer the big screen and surround sound experience the theatre provides. The average person just can’t afford the high gear available for the “theatre like” experience at home. Also as Jimkiler mentions in his reaction, DVDs are actually reasonably priced for what you get (unlike audio cds!). They will only start having problems movin DVDs off shelfs once it becomes easy for the average “joe blow” computer user to make 1:1 copies of DVD-Videos to DVD-R (or DVD+R :D). Plus, theres all the money they make off the merchadise, take the Star Wars movies for example. Theres video games, soundtracks, T-shirts, collector cards etc etc. So I simply don’t believe that they are not making big money out of it in someway or somehow; even if it is more from other sources and different means nowadays. The movie producers and studios just need to take the same classes the RIAA and co are currently taking and innovate and refine their current business models. ps: I don’t agree at all with jab1981s last comment, re: The folks who refuse to buy music because it’s free on the net. People download music off the net for all sorts of reasons (ie sampling, unreleased tracks, older harder to find songs etc), not only cause its free. Obviously this is an added bonus though! :smiley:

I haven’t seen lord of the rings yet, but then its been a long time since I went to the theatre, I will buy the DVD (legit) because I enjoyed the book immensely and would like to see a graphic representation…This is what the movies have come to…people are more selective, they wont watch shit movies or listen to crappy music. The moguls controlling both these media are getting scared, and so they should, they have been jerking us off for to long…give me quality for my dollar you greedy pricks…:7

I just downloaded Ep3. It sucks like Ep1 and EP2 did. So no need to go to the movies. His example of the students having movie parties is a bad one. How many students do you know that can afford to buy a DVD or go to the movies and pay for popcorn and a drink ?

StrooperMan - how could you have downloaded Ep3 when it doesn’t come out for another 2 years? It’s gonna take at least a year to do all the CG in it.

StrooperMan - how could you have downloaded Ep3 when it doesn’t come out for another 2 years? It’s gonna take at least a year to do all the CG in it.

This guy is a complete moron. Movies make big bucks because people like to go to the state of the art theaters and be blown away or just to go out on a date. You cannot get that with DVD. The only way to have a great movie experience at home that rivals the theaters is to have your own cinema. People that normally would not go to movies ( like my Parents) now spend money to buy DVDs that they never would have done before. How can this hurt the industry? Some people like to go to the movies and buy the DVD. Certainly this is good for hollywood. I personally think this guy is an asshole.:r He is trying to blame EP2’s lackluster box office performance to DVD and Piracy rather than on the fact that the movie sucked. Piracy only hurts shitty movies. Ep2 sucked so I had no need to really see it in the theater after watching the TS. If it was like the first 3 then I would go out and see it again like I did with the speciqal editions. A fun movie is more fun in a theater. A sucky movie sucks everywhere

Guess Hollywood should look into helping theaters upgrade their equipment to digital projectors and such. Oh, and plenty of students have money for DVDs and movies. If they haven’t already spent it on beer and their computers.

What a loser. Aaaw! Poor Georgy boy and this dick ain’t gonna make as many millions in the future. Bull! These dudes should stop smokin’ crap. The only possible problem coming is the ability to do 1:1 copies onto cheap DVD-+r media using an affordable writer. And even then it won’t be a big deal. Anyhow check out www.dvdxcopy.com :wink:

Oh my GawD!?!?! They can’t afford their 4th Porche what r they going to do? :4 They might have to get a BenZ instead. Damn Hollywood and their bloodsucking wayz. They don’t realize like Metallica did that we make them rich. :stuck_out_tongue: Punishing us won’t get them any richer.

What complete and total BULLSHIT. Losing money? How can they ‘lose’ money when they have the most creative book keeping know to man? For years the studios have screwed everyone one but the studios themselves with this form of fraud, so beliving that it is the end of anything sounds too much like:¨ A. TV will be the end of theaters and movies as we know them… B. Video recorders will be the end of theaters and movies as we know them… -Bobsen

since we’re on the subject of greed and unethical behavior,here’s a little something to think about 1-the music industry and the movie industry are not even CLOSE to the video game industry in terms of greed.here’s some simple math for you: An average videogame costs less than 1/10th and sometimes 1/20th of what it costs to make a movie,and about 1/5th of what it costs to produce a music CD,and yet most videogames are twice the price of a dvd and almost 3 times the price of a music cd. 2-let’s not forget the immoral behavior of all 3.often,they are perfectly happy to release a product to the public even though they are perfectly aware that it’s poor.how many bad movies come out every year? how many bad video games? you know these companies were well aware that these products were bad,but they released them anyway in hopes that stupid people would blindly buy tham and therefore they would recoup some of their development costs.how’s that for an unethical business model?people shouldn’t have to do careful research on every piece of software they buy.at minimum,the customer should be guaranteed that what they’re buying is at the very least decent.

Since DVDs hurt the industry so badly, I would be perfectly happy to help them and stop buying DVDs… Now, if we all do so, then…: Problem Solved! Sometimes the anwser can be sooooooo easy… :wink:

boo hoo hoo :c maybe the studios would survive if star actors, directors, and producers weren’t signed to multi-million dollar contracts. maybe they’d survive if they were more frugal with their expenses… take an example from guys who have made great films on a shoestring like carpenter and tarantino… but they’re bashing file trading on the internet because they think they’re losing profits when its actually money they’d never earn, and because it’s a great medium for independant artists all over the world

For the most part, if a movie is going to make any money, it’s done in the theater. For that reason, DVD’s should be little more than the production cost of the disc and case. By the time the DVD is out, they’ve already got their fat dollars (assuming the movie didn’t suck…and often if it did, too).

If they can’t make any money in the box office, then there’s something wrong. First of all, a large amount of this particular movie is CG, which is cheap. If they paid someone to actually build models of the stuff, that’d be different. Also, the studios made money before video, before DVD, before all that stuff. They didn’t go bankrupt before, why would they now? Why is, all the sudden, the box office just not enough? Also, maybe they shouldn’t pay actors $40 million.