Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR)

Star Wars: KotOR
German release
SecuROM 4.x New (the version is encrypted)

Plextor 708A
CloneCD + Twinpeak

Backup could be read perfectly in an UltraPlex 40MAX & Liteon 166s. Backup could NOT be read in a Toshi 1401/2, 1501/2

Thanks to Purecut

The 1.01 patch takes it to securom

title:starwars knights of the old republic
release: uk lucasarts
protection:securom new (AGAIN)?
as shown in clony xL but I suspect the new securom 5 as posted above only no current detection available unless anyone knows otherwise?
4 cds protection on play cd disc1
copies fine with plextor premium :smiley:

Anti-BWA buildt-in on that version. Also same results on Contract JACK with same securom ( in spain is also in english, so english version is applied) and Wallace and Gromit ( securom v4.85 too)
Plextor premium can read that BWA at low speed. SD-M1402 can not read anymore the .bwa also at low speed. SD-R5002 reads it perfectly at max speed.