Star Wars Kinghts of the Old Republic

This is a “Securom *New” as detected by ClonyXXL

Need help on Emulation. I believe Im imaging the CD wrong since I’ve used DDUMP(frontend) with securom settings and the image file is not accessible. Using Alcohol 120% the Image file is accessible but the game will not launch.

CDRW = Lite-ON 52327S (only drive)

Thanks for you time

Windows XP Pro SP1
Alcohol - 1.4.2
DDUMP - 1.4.1

With Alcohol 120% emulation right on the taskbar icon and tick RMPS emulation. Then load it onto your virtual drive. If that doesn’t work try Daemon Tools.

Good luck:)

The protection used is securom 4.8x.

You can’t use discdump for any version of securom. However, you can use alcohol.

Make your image using securom new 4.x/5.x (not securom new) datatype settings.

If you want to run the game from your virtual drive, then just mount the image and play. You won’t need emulation to run the game from the virtual drive.

If, however, you want to play from a back-up cd, burn the image, again using securom new 4.x/5.x datatype settings.

The burnt cd will work fine though you will have to enable both Ignore media type (since your only rom is a writer) and RMPS emulation in alcohol’s emulation options before playing from the back-up.

Thanks alot guys. Worked great.

How did you determine it was Securom 4.8x and not *New? Is there a better(more upto date) scanner out there?

Thanks again for the help.

Oh and I buy games but I host/emulate image files to play them. I have almost a Terrabyte for disc space on a gigabit CAT6E network. Seems a waste to …uuuuhh… waste the space and it keeps the CDs new. =)

Lots of different protection scanners (and helpful advice too) can be found here .

I’ve just make a backup of KotOR italian version. It’s a Securom 5.x.x.x and it seems that this new version implements an emulation/RPMS detector. So, if you run your copy with Daemon Tools with RPMS turned on, it sends you to this page:

I found a scanner on the page I was referred to. It detected the version as " 4.87.2 " I think. This is the English version though. I can only trust that they will have that beat soon.

Congrats to all who help us with this. You have my thanks.

Protection is on CD 1 and CD 2,3,4 are normal unprotected CD’s

I’m trying to back up KOTOR Disc 1 with Alcohol 120 1.9.2 (using Securom *NEW (4.x/5.x) as per the infomation in this thread). The image is fine, but when I try to launch using it I get a smartass message saying “please use the original disc and not a backup”. I’ve tried with Daemon Tools 3.47 and also Alcohol’s emulation, with and without RPMS enabled. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks, Aaron

What CD/DVD unit are you using to copy this?

It’s an HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GWA-4083B.


Hmm LG, I have had a bad memories with my LG 4480b, I tend to steer clear from LG when choosing a game backup burner. Your going to have to use TwinPeaks for this, which isnt too complicated.

I have attached TwinPeak. Use CloneCD (, and create a CCD image file, and read at 4x. Make a BWA file with the BWABuilder ( and create a BWA. Hopefully you shouldnt get to many spikes (Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means). Once done, fire up TwinPeaks and select ‘Select CCD Image’, then point to your CCD image. Then select ‘Select BWA file’ and then point to your BWA file. Then click start. Then again, and then, burn your image with CloneCD. It should be OK, but don’t try to install from it as it probably won’t work. Just make a normal copy with something like Nero.

Hope this helps and good luck :bow: :slight_smile: (63 KB)

Alcohol’s and DTools vdrives are blacklisted by the used SecuROM version so your game won’t run from a vdrive.
Burn your image to a disc using Securom *NEW (4.x/5.x) profile enable RMPS emulation and ‘ignore media type’ to get a working copy in your LG DVDRW drive.
Merther’s advice will also work but as you got Alcohol this may be the easier way, it’s your choice…

That seems to have worked (at least, it launches now - haven’t tried playing yet). Thanks for the help!


how do I make the BWA file? I open blindrite and I see BWT,BWI,BWS but no BWA… can anyone help me??