Star wars III

I have a backup of star wars III for my kids, their third copy and they play beautifully especially since I got the new pioneer dvd burner, but they display every few minutes a name at the top. I can’t seem to stop this. The names are Guyett, Cjoleman, etc. they tune them out but is there a way around this?

You need to get rid of one of the subtitle tracks, but I can’t remember which one that it is. It is very small… something like 1-MB.

It is a track that is supposed to play during the director comments sound track. It is telling you who is speaking.

Just open it with Shrink in re-author mode, and you will find it.
I agree, though, it is annoying.


Thx, it was so obvious I just unchecked the two subpicture audio files in shrink and tada no names.