Star Wars: best of pc Copy Protection?

I just bought a copy of Star Wars: Best of PC collection. I want to back it up so I can image the dvd’s and put them in a safe place. Does anybody know what kind of copy protection this uses? Strangely, LucasArts didn’t print the “This software contains technology to prevent copying” label :stuck_out_tongue:

Scan with Protection ID and let us know. However, you may be lucky and have a disc without copy protection as a number of the older Star Wars games were released or re-released without copy protection.

I got the dreaded securom 7.24 :sad:
This is a dvd, what are my options?

I’ve just backed up my first game on my MacBook!
I made an image and used YASU 1.2.7050 to cloak my drives while I play.
Thanks Everyone :bow: