Star Wars Battlefront


I have successfully copied my original Battlefront 1 with Alcohol 120 and Twinpeak Method using Blindwrites BWA Builder.

In the BWA i have Resolution of 50 Sectors with 100% Quality.

My Problem is the Battlefront Authentication Timer for Securom, so the copied CD has max. 60 Seconds to Authenticate the CD and start the Game.

Im some of my Blu Ray Burners it takes about 1.30 Minutes to Authenticate the Securom. I´ve tried it with Unreal 2 there is no Timer for the Authentication of Securom.

With Twinpeak i have tried 6,15,20 and 50 Twin Sectors, but all Versions are not fast enough, sometimes it takes 35 Seconds to Authenticate but most times about 1 Minute.

Any Tips to fasten it up ?