Star Wars Battlefront update

I’ve downloaded and installed DAEMON tools and loaded my Star Wars Battlefront Disc 1 CD image to a virtual drive. I also started Securom emulation and the game would play.

But I just installed the update from Lucasarts and now it says I’m putting in the wrong disc and to insert to correct one. :Z Anyone know why it’s doing this?

PC specs: (Just in case… I’ve seen a lot of you ask for this info)

CPU: AMD Duron 1.3 GHz
Motherboard: ECS K7VMM+
CD-RW: Asus CRW-4824A
Graphics: ATI Radeon 9600 XT (Overclocked)
OS: Windows XP Professional

It looks like the Securom ver. has been upated and therefore you will have to read the image from the disk.


Im getting the exact same problem, I usally back up my games cause I have a long history of breaking them, I think I over played battlefront and the cd craked from the heat but I had a backup and it was working perfectly but I went and installed the new patch and it say “Wrong disk inserted, Please insert original CD/DVD” but if I play it with out the patch I cant play online or get the new tatoine level. Please help I’ll try anything this is my favourite game and dont tell me Just to go buy it again cause im not spending another £39.99 (Im not rich you know).

Ok what drives are on you PC? e.g CDr/w drives?


There temperature required to crack a cd would have caused a large amount of damage to your PC so I really doubt this is true.

More like it had a small crack/fault line on it and when the drive span up the disk to read it, the crack grow. That has happened to one of my game disks.


Sounds like the Star Wars Battlefront update has blacklisted Daemon Tools, if you dont have the latest Daemon Tools you can get it from Here . If you already have the latest version then you will need to wait for the next DT update that will likely fix this blacklisting.

That is of course if it is a blacklist problem…

Anyone knwo how to make a good copy of disk1/BattleFront/Game-disk ?

P4 3.2ghz
2ghz ddr
sata wd raptor 75 /2x
LG-DVD-CDRW Combo 4480b
ati 9800 256ddr


I’d put LucasArts to the test. Send them back the cracked CD and ask for a replacement. If they don’t, then let them have it about not allowing you to be able to play a backup when you clearly purchased the rights to play the game when you purchased the game. Perhaps they’ll figure out a work around to allow you to utilize the copy in place of the original.

Just a thought.

Too bad it’s just a tad month or 4 too slow;)


You will find all you need in the CD Backup Guides and Tutorials section of the copy protection discussion forum.